Grace under fire:

responding to a pandemic

Clean Clothes Campaign

  • global network
  • 300 organisations
  • 30 years
  • campaign, lobby, action

Plone use

  • website (Castle)
  • intranet (Quaive)
  • campaign mini-sites (Gatsby)

Garment industry

  • ~ 60-80 million workers
  • mostly women
  • heavily globalized
  • higly profitable
  • ... yet pays poverty wages

Covid catastrophy

  • wage loss: ~6 billion USD (March-May)
  • Sri Lanka: 50% of Covid cases in garment factories
  • union busting
  • 77% of workers report going hungry
  • 75% are in debt


  • USD 40 billion cancellations
  • USD 16 billion recouped!
  • ... however, still a long way to go

Aligning our response

  • # of *active* Intranet users up 250%
  • evidence gathering
  • strategizing
  • prepping campaigns

Website and blog

  • rising visitor numbers
  • live-blog read by industry & press
  • updates 3x per day
  • campaign sub-sites

New editors

  • spread all around
  • no time for onboarding
  • various skill levels
  • ... so, mistakes happen ;-)

Undo ?

  • I've spent more time in ZMI than in years...
  • ... where did that life-saver go?
  • UNDO button now!

Page composition

  • CastleCMS has best Mosaic experience
  • so we abused it...
  • up to 100 tiles per page


Social media
Flourish studio


CastleCMS is opinionated:
all content is folderish
New editors "get" it directly
However, Folders are still useful
Just to put things in the right boxes
Biggest learning:
we've had this backwards...
Folders are "Page-ish" !!!


PDF generation sucks
colors ARE culturally specific
... as are icons
Not all people have last names
Binary genders? That's soooo 2010...
Stumbling blocks

"mobile-first" is a LIE
really, have you tried yours?
... on a $80 tablet in the sun?
secure alternatives for Gsuite, Zoom, etc
Difference between a Wordfile and a page ???
But Overall
Plone & friends held up
... even if creaky sometimes
We can connect our network of activists
Overcoming barriers of distance, language, culture, gender
We gather evidence, devise strategies
CCC is taking on a multi-billion industry
- with vastly more resources than we have -
yet are booking campaign wins,
and garnering recognition.
We remain operational
and more determined than ever!
All while running on Plone
(and a vast array of other free software)
Know we're putting your work to good use!
a big THANK YOU!
Keep up the good fight
see you at the face2face, or online.