Your companion on your travels into the future

Eric Steele & Paul Roeland

A bit of history...

Back in 2002, Brazil wins the world cup in Yokohama.

Firefox wasn't around, we were using Mozilla Suite

or IE6 on XP...

and Plone was nearing the 1.0 release status

“The strongest part of Plone as a technology is that most of its value lies in Plone's vision, goals and approach to solving challenges. The most positive aspect of Plone is actually that the technology is less important - it's not technology for technology's sake.”

Alexander Limi, 2005

Values of Plone community

  • Quality
  • Tests
  • Protect investment in current sites
  • Usability for real people
  • Stability
  • Scale from S to XL

Maturing produces results

Some ideas need time.

Software with a vision

Discussions and improvements happen:

online (IRC,

in add-ons


Framework team

Talking in real life



Strategic Summits

Sorrento 2015

Backend consolidation

Frontend JS frameworks and




Design & Customization


Cleaner HTML

Bettter selectors

No built-in grid system

Simpler & faster templates

<h1 tal:attributes="title view/title"

<h1 title="${view/title}">${view/page_name}</h1>

Barceloneta theme

Barceloneta theme

Barceloneta theme

Theme Customization

Exposing theme variables


Easier management of your content

Multilingual support fully integrated

Editor improvements


Related Content

Folder Contents


Member data: now easy to extend

Security for add-ons

  • Automated CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection
  • Automated click-jacking protection
  • Automatically rotating keyrings

Plone will automatically prevent an add-on from doing or allowing dangerous things.

Improvements all over the place

a real api!

event recurrence

lead image

social media integration

date formatting

change the logo

integrating JS scripts

Migration path

September, 2015

... and beyond!


A solution that allows dynamic, user-generated composite pages.

Plone Intranet

  • 9 well-known Plone consultancy firms
  • Design First
  • Social is key element
  • 100% open source, code is © Plone Foundation
  • EDU communities are also moving that way



  • learning and cooperating with other communities
  • #writethedocs community is a great resource
  • Documentation is versioned and can be translated
  • Continuous Integration, tests (work in progress)

collectively developed training materials,
started by Philip Bauer and Patrick Gerken

  • Plone 5 and Plone 4 versions
  • Tested on real students...
  • Free for trainers to use, adapt, improve
  • Translatable

Sprint tomorrow!

Sprints are a big part of Plone culture

They improve the code, but most of all they improve the community

ALL levels of experience, and all skills are welcome !!

Friendly help is available, so please feel free to join. Not only tomorrow, but any time in the future